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Hemorrhagic Shock and Stress – Cause and Consequence of Hemorheology Disturbances on the Example of the Changes in Erythrocyte Aggregation

31Mantskava M., Momtselidze N.,
Davlianidze N., Mitagvaria N.


I. Beritashvili Center for Experimental Biomedicine, Department of Blood Circulation and Metabolism,Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160.





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Stress, being the general reaction of the organism to the physical and psychological effects, accompanies all the
stages of somatic and psychic formation. Hemorrhagic shock occurring at blood loss appears to be a powerful stress for the organism. The origin (emergence) and spread of stress reactions are characterized by the features of the macro-and microcirculation. In stressful situations the crisis of blood circulation affects the functions of hemorheological disorders, as well as appears to be a consequence of the shock. We were the first to combine these two problems.[/su_animate]

Study of erythrocyte deformability at hemorrhagic shock

4M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze,
L. Davlianidze.


I.Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine, 14 Gotua St., Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160.




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The aim of our work was a red blood cell deformation (rheological rheological ) at rheological degrees of severity of experimental hemorrhagic shock. The study of erythrocyte deformability violation and a compulsory monitoring of this physical value deserve more attention of fundamental and applied sciences. The modeling of hemorrhagic shock of different stages was performed in the group of anesthetized animals by means of standard blood discharge from the femoral artery (2,5 ml – first stage of shock; 5 ml – second stage of shock; 5ml – third stage of shock, n=12).[/su_animate]