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Microvascular and Hemorheological disorders during ischemic heart disease

18T. Urdulashvili, M. Mantskava,
N. Momtselidze, N. Narsia,
G. Mchedlishvili.


Scientific –Practical Journal ISSN 1512-1291.
Cardilogy and Internal Medicine XXIN4 (VIII) 2004, 9-15.


Significance of the hemorheological disorders in development of acute vascular syndromes is presenltky well known, but their role in pathogenesis of chronic ischemic heart disease is not yet sufficiently analyzed. Aim of the present study was investigation of the relationship between the hemorheological, vascular and hemodynamic factors during the ischemic heart disease.

Comparative significance of the principal factors responsible for microcirculatory disorders in type 2 diabetes mellitus

20M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze,
G. Mchedlishvili, N. Pargalava.


The present study was aimed at investigated the comparative changes of the two most significant microcirculatory factors of microvascular blood flow. Possibly producing severe disorders in blood supply to tissues in the diabetic patients – constriction of resistant arteries and the hemorheological disorders in the patients with the type 2 diabetes mellitus.



Hemorheological, microvascular and hemodynamic disorders during coronary heart disease

21Urdulashvili T., Momtselidze N.,
Mantskava M., Narsia N.,
Mchedlishvili G.


Georgian Med News.  2006; (136):55-7 (ISSN: 1512-0112)Department of Internal Medicine, State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Comparative values of erythrocyte aggregability versus other indices of hemorheological disorders in patients with ischemic brain infarcts

22G. Mchedlishvili,  R. Shakarishvili,
N. Momtselidze, L. Gobejishvili,
M. Aloeva,  M. Mantskava.


Microcirculation Research Center, I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Tbilisi, Georgia. Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation (Impact Factor: 3.4). 02/2000; 22(1):9-15.
Source: PubMed

Arteriolar resistance and hemorheological disorders related to raynaud’s phenomenon

24George Mchedlishvili, Maia Mantskava, Nugzar Pargalava.

Microvascular Research DOI: 10.1006/mvre.2001.2335
Volume 62, Issue 2, September 2001, Pages 190–195.



Hemorheological disorders and arteriolar resistance during ischemic heart disease

26T. Urdulashvili., N. Momtselidze.,
M. Mantskava., N. Narsia.,
G. Mchedlishvili.


Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 2004;30(3-4):399-401.




Direct beneficial effect of insulin on blood rheological disorders in the microcirculation

27M. Mantskava, N. Pargalava,
G. Mchedlishvili.


Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 2004;30(3-4):431-3.



Under both the in vivo and in vitro conditions we investigated the insulin effect on the most significant factor disturbing the blood rheological disorders in the microcirculation, the red blood cell aggregability.



Regional and systemic hemorheological disorders during feet diabetic gangrene.

28N. Pargalava., Maya Mantskava.,
George Mchedlishvili.


Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 2004;30(3-4):457-9.


Hemorheological disorders during ischemic brain infarcts in patients with and without diabetes mellitus

29N. Momtselidze., M. Mantskava.,
G. Mchedlishvili.

Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 2006;35(1-2):261-4.





Hemorheological disorders in patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus and foot gangrene

30M. Mantskava., N. Momtselidze.,
N. Pargalava., G., Mchedlishvili.


Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 2006;35(1-2):307-10.