Multi-component science 2

Мulti-component science. J.of Multidisciplinary High School (MHS) (4): 4, 69 -72 ISSN 978-9941-485-14-5
Role of using the original Georgian questionares in  fundamental scientific researche.
M. Mantskava1, B. Mosia2, L. Shengelia1, N. Momcelidze3
1) European University.
2) Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine.
3) Shota Meschia State Teaching University of Zugdidi.
The administration of fundamental and applied scientific projects is one of the problem areas in the scientific community throughout the world.

In countries with a small population and a small number of professional researchers, this problem is aggravated by the availability of documents in several languages (for example, European languages and mother tongue). It is these problems that pop up when it is necessary to include interviewers in the research algorithm. It is not quite correctly translated documents and linguistic problems that lead to research artifacts. This article is devoted to this and other related problems, where the authors try to make comparisons and show the advantage of the original questionnaires in comparison with those created in other languages and translated into Georgian.