The project “Lab-Orator” and the upcoming international scientific conference “Rheo-BIO-MED-2023” organized by the Ivane Beritashvili Experimental Center of Biomedicine and the Multidisciplinary Scientific Higher School of the Society of Rheology present an excellent opportunity for students and young researchers to share and disseminate their accumulated knowledge.
The conference serves as a platform for students and young researchers to establish communication, form collaborative groups, and understand the pathways for young individuals entering the field of science. It provides an open environment for discussions on topics of interest to students, facilitating engagement and learning from mentors, professors, teachers, and other interested individuals.
The structure of the conference includes sectional reports, which allow participants to present their research findings within specific thematic areas. Additionally, a round table format session provides a platform for open discussions and exchange of ideas. B2B (business-to-business) meetings offer networking opportunities for attendees to establish professional connections and foster collaborations.
The conference aims to cover various multidisciplinary perspectives on topics such as rheology, blood circulation, and other biomedical problems. By addressing these subjects, the conference promotes a comprehensive understanding of the interconnections between different fields within biomedicine.
Certificates will be issued to both attendees and speakers, acknowledging their participation and contribution to the conference. Furthermore, the conference aims to identify individual and institutional leaders who have demonstrated excellence in their respective areas of research or education.
Overall, the international scientific conference “Rheo-BIO-MED-2023” provides an important platform for students, young researchers, mentors, professors, and other interested individuals to come together, exchange knowledge, and foster collaboration in the field of biomedicine and related disciplines.