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The list in future years planned events

Dear colleagues, we publish a list of events in 2017. Young professionals, doctoral, masters, students, please contact us with questions about the design of abstracts, posters, reports, as well as on registration and accommodation.

25th Biennial international Congress on Thrombosis

23-26 May, 2018, Palazzo del Cinema – Venice Convention Center Venice, Italy


Prize for Applied rheology

Prize for Applied rheology will be awarded annually. The competent jury will identify winners in November. The competition is designed for young professionals, graduate students, doctoral, masters, bachelors and students. The list of documents and deadlines will be published on the website. Follow the news.





The International conference “Biomechanics – 2016”

The International conference "Biomechanics -2016" in Perm has successfully completed. The conference was attended by prominent scientists from Perm, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lyon, Paris, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Bremen, Tbilisi. Maya Mantskava chaired the section on clinical rheology. Her reports relating to clinical problems, "Rheology during gestos"; "Rheological investigations and the Coulter principle", "Violation of the microcirculation both paraplastic syndrome in primary malignant tumors."Topics presented at the conference will be published in peer-reviewed journal with high impact factor. Journal for  download version will be available  on our website.



An alternative choice articles

Hemorrhagic shock and stress – cause and eff...

Mantskava M., Momtselidze N., Davlianidze L., Mitagvaria N.     The emergence and spread of stress reactions are provided by the blood circulation system. In its turn, the adequacy of blood circulation depends on the hemorheological and vascular mechanisms. The changeability of their properties appears to be the basis of the increasing of stress stages.

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Thyroid and periodontitis

Mantskava M.   The modern world is increasing every year the number of people with thyroid dysfunction. It is necessary to pay attention to the children (11-15 yars old).  5% of this population is patient with thyroid dysfunction. At this age, most developing first and second stage of periodontal disease. Population rheological studies suggest that

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Study of hemorheological parameters at hemorrhagic...

M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze, L. Davlianidze.   I.Beritashvili Center I.Beritashvili Center Of Experimental Biomedicine, Tbilisi, Georgia Nervous system is concerned to be a structure consisted of dynamic glio-neuro-synaptic networks that are able to morphological and functional modulation under external stimuli. Hemorheological shock is a external stimuli and stressor for brain.

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Bood hemorheological status Bood hemorheological s...

M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze. Microcirculation is an important part of blood flow. It provides adequacy of blood suppy in organs and tissues. The newset method of biomedicine is a joint study of microcirculation and hemoreology. There is no pathologycal preocess where homoreological studies are not informative. Studies, data and conclusions persented in the book confirm

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Hemorheological disorders in patients with type 1 ...

Maya Mantskava, Nana Momtselidze,  Nugzar Pargalava, George Mchedlishvili. Microcirculation Research Center, I. Beritashvili Institure of Physiology, 14 Gotua St., 0160, Tbilisi, Georgia N. Bochua Center of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, 1. Chachava St., 0159, Tbilisi, Georgia   Abstract. The aim of the present study was to evaluate blood rheological disorders, in particular RBC enhanced aggregation,

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irections, Topics, Area · All about COVID-19. Prevention of Epidemic. Prevention of Pandemic. Epidemiology methods. Infection Diseases and Non-infection Diseases. Vaccinations · Multidisciplinary Approaches of Modern Science · Polyprofilе Medicine · Biomedicine, Biorheology and Biotechnology · Biochemistry and Biophysics in Fundamental and Applied Medicine. Micro- and Nanobiomechanics · Innovative Methods. Bioinformatics. Biological Models. Mathematical Models.

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The list of the published articles

1. Манцкава М., Момцелидзе Н. Микроциркуляция, реологический статус крови и возрастные измененния. Вестник Медицинского центра Управления Делами Президента Республики Казахстан, №5, 2015 Материалы I Евразийского съезда геронтологов. Pp.173-178. 2. Mantskava M., Momtselidze N., "Щитовидная железа и пародонтит" (in press).

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Comparative values of erythrocyte aggregability ve...

G. Mchedlishvili,  R. Shakarishvili, N. Momtselidze, L. Gobejishvili, M. Aloeva,  M. Mantskava.   Microcirculation Research Center, I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Tbilisi, Georgia. Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation (Impact Factor: 3.4). 02/2000; 22(1):9-15. Source: PubMed

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Multi-component science 2

ulti-component science. J.of Multidisciplinary High School (MHS) (4): 4, 69 -72 ISSN 978-9941-485-14-5 Role of using the original Georgian questionares in  fundamental scientific researche. M. Mantskava1, B. Mosia2, L. Shengelia1, N. Momcelidze3 1) European University. 2) Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine. 3) Shota Meschia State Teaching University of Zugdidi. The administration of fundamental and

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The winner of the prize Nobel

139The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine  was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi (Tokyo University of Technology) "for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy". On behalf of the Society of rheology congratulate Professor and prepare a scientific report "Aurofagiiya and blood cells."






Efficiency of rheological blood status diagnostic determination durind pregnancy

A new article in International peer-reviewed journal «SCI-ARTICLES», №54, 2016 , p. 15-20


Mantskava M., Momtselidze H., Urdulashvili V., Lomitashvili H.


According to our research the index of RBC deformability is the most sensitive, informative for estimating blood rheology in gestosis. Deformability of the erythrocyte membrane determines the blood hemorheological status and evaluates the stage of preeclampsia.


Key words: preeclampsia; blood rheologycal status.


You will be able to study this article if you pass into the Russian department of the site and click on a tag of "RUS".


Complex assessment of microcirculation and blood rheology during diabetic microangiopathy


A new article in International Journal «SCI-ARTICLES», №54, 2016, pp.40-60


Mantskava M.



The article set a goal of assessment of microcirculation and blood rheology in patients group with microangiopathy. In the article for the first time a new non-invasive method for study of microcirculation coefficient k.


Key words: coefficient of microcirculation, diabetes mellitus, angiopathy.


You will be able to study this article if you pass into the Russian department of the site and click on a tag of "RUS".


Comprehensive assessment of blood flow in heart insufficiency

134A new article in International Journal «SCI-ARTICLES», №54, 2016, pp.5-10


Momtselidze N., Mantskava M., Urdulashvili T., Narsia N., Gotsadze M., Mchedlishvili T.


Key words: coronary artery disease; heart failure; blood rheologIcal status; microcirculation coefficient.

The article presents the data of blood rheological status, microcirculation coefficient and hemodynamic parameters. The authors introduced the new concept «Blood flow» for clinical cardiology.


You will be able to study this article if you pass into the Russian department of the site and click on a tag of "RUS".


INFLUENCE OF ADAPTATION resources on blood rheology during emotional stress

133A new article in International Journal «Novation» , 2016, N2, pp. 105-109


Mantskava M., Momtselidze N.


The emergence and spread of stress reactions to provide adequate blood flow, which in turn depends on hemorheological and coagulation mechanisms and with them coherent phenomena. The article describes the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the adaptation of the resource by changing blood rheology parameters. We have proposed a method of investigation of blood flow by measuring the aggregated red blood cells. We examined aggregated indicator in patients who are prescribed operation on the day of the primary treatment for vascular surgery, as well as the day before the initial examination. It was found that the therapeutic examination (the previous day), and the appointment of the operation of blood hemorheological status changed dramatically. When therapeutically inspection RT = 34,0 ± 2,7; preoperative RT = 42,2 ± 4,5. The norm for this age is considered RT = 22,5 ± 3,7. Consequently, the patient undergoes stress, not only related to the disease and the upcoming surgery, with anesthesia, but also with the emotional mood.

Key words: stress; blood hemorheology; erythrocyte aggregation; blood rheology status


The need to implement rheological measurements during pregnancy

Pregnant woman and childLomitashvili N., Mantskava M., Urdudashvili N., Urdulashvili T., Mchedlishvili T., Momtselidze N.

Preeclampsia, a complication of being a normal pregnancy is high rates of maternal and perinatal mortality. Research work aimed at studying the etiology of preeclampsia oand the introduction of hemorheological tests in applied medicine . This researche has a social and public importance from the standpoint of the theories and methods of different scientific disciplines. The aim of our study was to evaluate the blood rheology in gestosis mild form. According to our research the index of the deformability of red blood cells is the most sensitive, and therefore informative for the evaluation of blood rheology, in gestosis.

Key words: Preeclampsia, blood rheology, RBC deformability.


You will be able to study this article if you pass into the Russian department of the site and click on a tag of "RUS".