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Multi-component science 2

Мulti-component science. J.of Multidisciplinary High School (MHS) (4): 4, 69 -72 ISSN 978-9941-485-14-5
Role of using the original Georgian questionares in  fundamental scientific researche.
M. Mantskava1, B. Mosia2, L. Shengelia1, N. Momcelidze3
1) European University.
2) Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine.
3) Shota Meschia State Teaching University of Zugdidi.
The administration of fundamental and applied scientific projects is one of the problem areas in the scientific community throughout the world.

Multi-Component Science

Multi-component science. J.of Multidisciplinary High School (MHS) (4): 4, 66-69 ISSN 978-9941-485-14-5
Georgian language and the limited Latin term used in the term "patient-patient". Linguistic and psychological factors.
M. Mantskava1, B. Mosia2, L. Shengelia1, N. Momcelidze3
1) European University.
2) Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine.
3) Shota Meschia State Teaching University of Zugdidi.
Statue of a psychologist with a patient in the patient's room and a patient. Consequences are multivocal components. Author studied 1120 patient profiles based on a memorandum, a prerequisite by the name of the Universalist Ciolkovski. 20% of this patient has pneumonia. Implementation in those areas of importance and innovation, as soon as they cause a problem, assisting the patient to cope with the illness and, as a consequence, a serious patient.




European Council for the Management of Educational Events has recognized the BIOMED2019 project as the best and assigned it the status of main conference.
The conference BIOMED2019 is accredited by accreditation council of Ministry Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia. (N C0086, I Type 12 credit points continuous professional development)

The number of registered delegates to date – 150
Organization Committee invites you to the International Multidisciplinary Conference on Biomedicine (BIOMED2019) on May 18-19, 2019, Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort,  Tsikhisdziri, Georgia, which will be held by International Society of Rheology and support of Ivane Beritashvili Experimental Center of Biomedicine, Tbilisi State Medical University, International Society of Rheology.
Conference BIOMED2019 composes plenary sessions, sectional sessions, round table, brokerage event B2B, exhibition and special session for young specialists and students.

Society of Rheology will be held 4th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Rheology in Tbilisi, Georgia on 2018, April, 22-26

Organising Committee:

Head of conference:
Prof. Maka Mantskava (Georgia)

Principal organizer: PhD Nana Momtselidze (Georgia)

or: PhD Student Giorgi Kuchava (Georgia)

Co-director and Head of International board of Conference:

Prof. Nadia Antonova (Bulgaria)

International Board (Finland, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia):

Academic Yuriy Nyashin,
Prof. Carlota Saldanha,
Prof. Victoria Lishnevskaya,
PhD Valery Lokhov

PR of Conference:

Akaki Songulia (Georgia)


  • Theoretical Rheology

  • Rheology in Engineering: Engineering, Architectonics, Programming, Informatics

  • Cosmic Rheology

  • Food Rheology

  • Clinical Hemorheology

  • Rheological status and coagulation system of the body of animals and human

  • Pharmacorheology

  • Physiology (regularities of functioning and regulation of biological systems of body)

  • Methods of Rheology

  • Economics, Management and Politic of rheological research

  • Applied Rheology

Within the framework of the conference a special course of lectures and training for young specialists will be held in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

Deadline: 2018, March,1
Registration in

Abstracts send to;

Principal Organization: NPNCLE Society of Rheology
Co-participant Organizations: LEPL Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation
LEPL Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine 




Life support during critical conditions

CONFERENCE: Life support during critical conditions and SYMPOSIUM: Research in the field of shock will be held in Moscow, Russia19-20 October 2017 Moscow. Georgian Scientists will present “HEMORHEOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF SHOCK” (Mantskava M.) The abstract show how change of hemorheological blood parameters during first step modeled hemorrhagic shock.





Special training for physicians

Attention of doctors! In the framework of European Approved Program for Physicians be conducted Special training for physicians In the framework the training will be theoretical and practical lessons. After trening is given the doctor-rheologyst certificate of European Clinical Hemorheology Center.

The training is designed for therapists, cardiologists, angiologist, transfusiologists, hematologists, anesthesiologists, resuscitologists, obstetrician, endocrinologists, neurologists, pediatricians, surgeons, orthopedics, PhD student, etc.

Topics of area:

– Clinical Hemorheology;

– Laboratory hemorheology;

– Experimental rheology.

Duration of course – 44 hours

Price of course – 500 GEL

European Approved Program for Promoting Young Researchers

Competition is defined for Georgian citizens and non-residents: students, masters, doctoral students, individual researchers, scientific, industrial, business sector representatives, all interested persons .
The competition is announced in the following directions: Medicine (25 places), Natural Sciences (5 places), Health Management (8 places), Business Administration (8 places), IT Technologies (2 places).
To receive a contest please send a CV and copy of ID at e-mail:

Acceptance of documents from May 1 to June 1, 2017. HR Kulerk of the Progress – Ivana Glazko, Head of program – Prof.Mantskava.



Guide for determining the citation index of article and journal

The number, importance, novelty scientific works in peer-reviewed scientific journals evaluate scientific achievements. All of this is determined by the citation index. This article (proceedings of European Society of scientific research) determined by the citation indexs (Hirsch index, SJR, SNIP) and bibliometric parameters. 



Georgian Society of Rheology represent Georgia at the brokerage event







Successful R&I in Europe 2017: 8 th European Networking Event 2 – 3 March 2017.

Study of rheological status of patients with the purpose personification of patients with various diseases.

Type and role of partner sought

As partners, we would like to cooperate with companies and individuals which work in fundamental science, practical medical, areas of the industry, which are directly related to biomedicine and rheology. The implementation of our goals (personalization patients by additional diagnostic of rheological status) is possible by multidisciplinary and crossdisciplinary communication. Current issues of modern rheology can be determined by close contacts with doctors, pharmacologists, biology, physics, chemistry, cybernetics, health managers, evidence-based medicine experts, economists, lawyers and representatives of other fields of science and technology. We are interested in cooperation of companies that have experience in the areas listed above.

Special issue of digital printing periodical review journal “SCI-ARTICLES” published

Special issue of digital printing periodical review journal "SCI-ARTICLES" published. Materials of the International Conference on Rheology, reviews and original research article about rheology posted in the journal.

To view the log, click on the link (To read):

journal "SCI-ARTICLES"

For better log display, use the buttons "plus" and "minus".