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Hemorrhagic shock and stress – cause and effect on the example of violations of hemorheology changes erythrocyte aggregated

75Mantskava M., Momtselidze N.,
Davlianidze L., Mitagvaria N.



The emergence and spread of stress reactions are provided by the blood circulation system. In its turn, the adequacy of blood circulation depends on the hemorheological and vascular mechanisms. The changeability of their properties appears to be the basis of the increasing of stress stages. From the viewpoint of biophysical reactions, any change and movement occur with the expenditure and accumulation of energy.

Hemorheological status of blood

12Mantskava M., Momtselidze N.

(ISBN 978-3-659-66111-2) 2014 Lambert academic Publishing.




Blood rheological status during treatment of arterial hypertension

9Mantskava М.,  Мomtselidze Н.


The center to Experimental biomedicine of I. Beritashvili, Georgia, Tbilisi.





Influence ofdifferent types of insulin on the aggregation of red blood cells in patients with diabetes

8Mantskava М.,  Momtselidze Н.


The center of Experimental Biomedicine of I. Beritashvili,
Department of microcirculation and haemo, 0160, Georgia, Tbilisi, ul. L. Gotua, 14.




Reological disorders with preeclampsia


Mantskava M.,  Momtselidze N.

Berlin, Germany, 18-21 Mach, 2016 (16 World Congress on Human Reproduction)


The aim of the present study is comparison of changes of hemorheological functional condition responsible for blood flow disorders in the microcirculation in physiology pregnancy, pregnancy women with preeclampsia and control group.

Study of erythrocyte deformability at hemorrhagic shock

4M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze,
L. Davlianidze.


I.Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine, 14 Gotua St., Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160.




Hemorhoelogical status during periodontitis and without thyroid dysfunction betwen children the age of 11-13

11Beriashvili Sesili Davidovna
 Postdoc; Georgian David the Builder University    
Mantskava Maia Mikhailovna
Associate Prof.; Beritashvili Biomedical Experimental Center, Tbilisi
Momtselidze Nana Gogievna
 Associate Prof.; Beritashvili Biomedical Experimental Center, Tbilisi
Nikolaishvuli Marina
 Associate Prof.; Beritashvili Biomedical Experimental Center, Tbilisi
Tupinashvili Tamar Nodarovna
 Postdoc; Georgian David the Builder University, Tbilisi
Tamasidze Nino Archilovna
Postdoc; Georgian David the Builder University, Tbilisi

Blood rheological status and Influence of grape seed extract in patients with parodontitis

58 M. Gagua, M. Mantskava,
N. Momtsemlidze, N.Tamasidze,
M. Nikolaishvili, T. Tupinashvili,
S. Zenaishvili

I.Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine,
David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia


        Thus, in patients with parodontitis blood and coagulation changes are present while there is endothelium dysfunction and this is a very significant problem. It does not still cause the degradation of body continuity although they are involved in risk groups of cardiovascular problems. Research measures of rheological parameters are not largely implemented in dental clinics of Georgia as well as pharmacokinetic and therapeutic effects of  grapeseed oil are not studied enough.

With the present work we tried to show how significant is the assessment of blood in parodontitis, since rheological changes on one side play a very important role in the development of parodontitis and on the other side parodontitis causes abnormality of rheological characteristics and the use of grapeseed oil we considered as a way out of this vicious circle, as we showed in our previous article. Future research in this direction is really important in order to improve treatment tactics of parodontitis. It has propaedeutic as well as economic benefit.


The list of the published articles

11. Манцкава М., Момцелидзе Н. Микроциркуляция, реологический статус крови и возрастные измененния. Вестник Медицинского центра Управления Делами Президента Республики Казахстан, №5, 2015 Материалы I Евразийского съезда геронтологов. Pp.173-178.

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