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Invites scientist M. Mantskava the event “Biomedica 2016”.

126Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation finances  Maya Mantskava' trip on brokerage event Biomedica 2016 (Aachen, Germany,2016, 30-31 May) as part of the program IncoNet.





The 3th International Conference of The Society of Rheology.

125The 3th International Conference of The Society of Rheology will be held in Antali, Turky.

The programme is  organized in plenary sessions, free communications and a poster session


* Experimental hemorheology, hemodynamics and hydravlics, Gerontology, Schock, Stress, Reconstruction Surgery, Ginecology and etc.
* Rheology and Bio and Hemorheological methods, technology and equipment
* Blood and vascular cells in micro- and nanomechanics
* Blood flow in molecular biology and biochemistry perspective
 * Evidentiary medicine in Rheology and microcirculation
* Multidisciplinary studies of Rheology
* Clinical and experimental radiology in Rheology
* Pharmaceutical Rheology
* History of Rheology
* Cognitive Rheology
* Rheology and coagulation mechanism
* Food Rheology  
* Physiology and Pathphysiology systems, organs, tissues, cells.

2st Internatational congress on Rheology

1182st Internatational Congress on Rheology of the Georgian Society on Rheology, Europien Society on Clinical Hemorheology and microcirculation and Society of Georgian scientists living in Turkey, Octomber, 15-17, 2016,  Georgia, Tbilisi, Turkey, Antalya.

 Abstract opening
Abstract deadline: 10 Octomber, 2016.
Abstracts send to e-mail:;

*Experimental hemorheology, hemodynamics and hydraulics
* Clinical hemorheology (Cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, Endocrinology, Hepatology, Allergy, Gerontology, Schock, Stress, reconstruction Surgery, Gynecologyand ect.)
* Bio and haemorheological methods, technology and equipment

18th Conference of the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation

afisha18th Conference of the European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation successfully completed  in Lisbon. The Society of Rheology  will move to the final stage of III  International Rheologycal Conference preparation. Abstracts will be accepted until 2016, 12 July. Best Regards. Prior to the meeting in Antalya.


The first international conference on rheology (Kutaisi)

9010-11 October 2015 was held the first international conference on rheology (organizer Maya Mantskava, Kutaisi State University. Akaki Tsereteli, Center of Experimental Biomedicine.And.Beritashvili) . She was devoted to the rheology.

On the conference were presented plenary and sectional reports, describes the new and latest techniques, data, analysis, conclusions. Crossdisciplinary approach to rheology conference identified new concepts and knowledge, which manifested itself in in the discussion of the round table. The conference was attended by Georgian and foreign researchers of different disciplines (physicians, physiologists, physicists, chemists, etc.) In the framework of the conference it was decided to regularly convene an International conference on rheology.



The held conferences

kutaisiIst  International Conference of in Georgia, Kutaisi (organizer Maya Mantskava, Akaki Tsereteli  State University,I. Beritashvili Experimental Biomedicine Center) was devoted to topical issues of
Conferences were presented at plenary and section reports. The latest techniques, data analysis, and conclusions were discussed. The crossdisciplary approach to the conference of identified new concepts and management, which have been proven in many roundtable discussions. The conference was attended by Georgian and foreign researchers of different fields (physicians, psychologists, physicists, chemists, and others.) At the conference, it was decided to convene a regular International Conference of

Conferences in the future

We provide you with the list of scientific forums dedicated to current topics of and neighboring disciplines. As we have some kind of organizational priorities on the mentioned forums, we receive the applications from the applicants interested in participation, thesis of the original studies. We will assist in publication of the materials, as well as in attending mentioned forums.



8-10th April 2016, Bergamo, Italy.