Georgian Society of Rheology represent Georgia at the brokerage event







Successful R&I in Europe 2017: 8 th European Networking Event 2 – 3 March 2017.

Study of rheological status of patients with the purpose personification of patients with various diseases.

Type and role of partner sought

As partners, we would like to cooperate with companies and individuals which work in fundamental science, practical medical, areas of the industry, which are directly related to biomedicine and rheology. The implementation of our goals (personalization patients by additional diagnostic of rheological status) is possible by multidisciplinary and crossdisciplinary communication. Current issues of modern rheology can be determined by close contacts with doctors, pharmacologists, biology, physics, chemistry, cybernetics, health managers, evidence-based medicine experts, economists, lawyers and representatives of other fields of science and technology. We are interested in cooperation of companies that have experience in the areas listed above.

Previous experience in international R&D&I projects

We have a lot of experience on this issue. We have participated in the projects: Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, TUBITAK, SRDF, STCU, IncoNet (H2020) and etc. We offer new markers based on the rheology status at the Brokerage Events, Agency of commercialization and innovation. We presented our drawings in the technoparks. Our business plans are implemented in pilot clinics. We have published monographs (3), books (3), manuals (3), scientific articles (128) and abstracts (350) about problem.

Research results oder ideas (e.g. call or topic).

Our experience and interest was formed by working in the area:
Study of functions and construction of cells; 
Rational organization of human life and the problem of life prolonging;
Clinical medicine and propaedeutics, laboratory diagnostics, physiology and pathphysiology;
Reproduction, modeling, constructing of biological processes and organism functions, based on prototypes (Bionic); 
Astronautics (study of the effects and immediate impact of cosmic space on a living organism, determination of adaptation mechanisms towards cosmic factors, determination of participation of rheology in stress caused by zero gravity);  
Pharmacology. Research in the field of rheology is one of the main innovative areas of biology and medicine. 

Preferred workshop

Life Sciences

Optional: comments on selected workshop.

We will present a business plan at the event:
How to reduce the cost of blood tests in patients with various diseases? 
How to achieve maximum therapeutic effect in patients with various diseases?
Our report will present data about pharmacological drugs' affect on rheology of body fluids.
Our presence at the event is the exchange of information with foreign colleagues, future partners.
We hope with the help of Event to find a partner to continue the innovative collaborative work. I hope that Brokerage Еvent will replace the mediation for me and my Georgian colleagues.


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