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M. Mantskava

Autor M. MantskavaMonographsArticlesAbstractsSummary of articles


N. Momtselidze

Autor N. MomtselidzeMonographsArticlesAbstractsSummary of articles


N. Mitagvaria

Autor N. MitagvariaArticlesSummary of article


G. Mchedlishvili

Autor G. MchedlishviliArticlesSummary of articles


T. Urdulashvili


L. Davlianidze


R. Shakarishvili

Autor R. ShakarishviliSummary of article


B. Tsinamdzgvrishvili 

Autor B. TsinamdzgvrishniliArticle


N. Pargalava


M. Aloeva

Autor M. AloevaSummary of article


N. Pogosova 

Autor N. PogosovaArticle


M. Nikolaishvili

Autor M. NikolaishviliArticles


N. Narsia


S. Zenaishvili

Autor S. ZenaishviliArticles


T. Tupinashvili


I. Vashakidze

Autor I. VashakidzeArticle


Autor N. TamasidzeArticle


S. Beriashvili 

Autor S. BeriashviliArticle


M. Gagua

Autor M. GaguaArticle


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