Assessment of Platelet in Case of Stress-induced Apnea


Mantskava M.M., Momtselidze N.G.


I. Beritashvili Center for Experimental Biomedicine, Department of Blood Circulation and Metabolism,
Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160


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Sleep apnea is a independent pathology and a powerful stress for the organism. Apnea is a cause of stress and strengthens the body under stress. We studied 30 men aged 34 to 57 years: 22 patients with obstructive sleep apnea and 8 patients with central sleep apnea. We explored a drop of blood in HUMACOUNT, mod. HUMACOUNT (Firm Human GmbH, Germany), bought of grant budget RF/420/7-270/12. We investigated parameters of platelet: PLT, MPV, PDWс and PCT. The analysis of the data was performed using statistical programs “Origin 4.1’’ (Microsoft.  Software, Inc) and Microsoft Excel, evaluated Student and criteria Pearson.[/su_animate]

Protocol of research was adequate Helsinki Declaration. Our results in patients with obstructive apnea : PLT=109×109±40x109l; MPV =7,7±3,0fl; PCT=0,08×10-2±0,02×10-2%; PDWС =33,4±3,6%; in patients with central apnea – PLT=142×109±50x109l; MPV=6,4±2,0fl; PCT=0,09×10-2±0,03×10-2%; PDWС=32,7±3,0; in control – PLT=250×109±40x109l; MPV=11,0±4,0fl; PCT=0,25×10-2±0,05×10- 2%; PDWС=36,2±4,0%. Interrupted we analyzed the number of platelets and platelet indices for determining homeostasis in stress disease. Stress body reduces the number of platelets. But if apnea is a disease of the fourth rank stress, platelet factors fluctuate within normal limits. Our data

have practical significance for biomedicine. We propose a new marker for apnea: platelet composes.
Key words: central apnea, obstructive apnea, platelet, stress


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