Assessment of Platelet in Case of Stress-induced Apnea


Mantskava M.M., Momtselidze N.G.


I. Beritashvili Center for Experimental Biomedicine, Department of Blood Circulation and Metabolism,
Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160


Protocol of research was adequate Helsinki Declaration. Our results in patients with obstructive apnea : PLT=109×109±40x109l; MPV =7,7±3,0fl; PCT=0,08×10-2±0,02×10-2%; PDWС =33,4±3,6%; in patients with central apnea – PLT=142×109±50x109l; MPV=6,4±2,0fl; PCT=0,09×10-2±0,03×10-2%; PDWС=32,7±3,0; in control – PLT=250×109±40x109l; MPV=11,0±4,0fl; PCT=0,25×10-2±0,05×10- 2%; PDWС=36,2±4,0%. Interrupted we analyzed the number of platelets and platelet indices for determining homeostasis in stress disease. Stress body reduces the number of platelets. But if apnea is a disease of the fourth rank stress, platelet factors fluctuate within normal limits. Our data

have practical significance for biomedicine. We propose a new marker for apnea: platelet composes.
Key words: central apnea, obstructive apnea, platelet, stress



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