Monthly Archives: May 2016

Invites scientist M. Mantskava the event “Biomedica 2016”.

126Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation finances  Maya Mantskava' trip on brokerage event Biomedica 2016 (Aachen, Germany,2016, 30-31 May) as part of the program IncoNet.





The 3th International Conference of The Society of Rheology.

125The 3th International Conference of The Society of Rheology will be held in Antali, Turky.

The programme is  organized in plenary sessions, free communications and a poster session


* Experimental hemorheology, hemodynamics and hydravlics, Gerontology, Schock, Stress, Reconstruction Surgery, Ginecology and etc.
* Rheology and Bio and Hemorheological methods, technology and equipment
* Blood and vascular cells in micro- and nanomechanics
* Blood flow in molecular biology and biochemistry perspective
 * Evidentiary medicine in Rheology and microcirculation
* Multidisciplinary studies of Rheology
* Clinical and experimental radiology in Rheology
* Pharmaceutical Rheology
* History of Rheology
* Cognitive Rheology
* Rheology and coagulation mechanism
* Food Rheology  
* Physiology and Pathphysiology systems, organs, tissues, cells.