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  • Microcirculation, blood rheology status and age-related changes
  • Microvascular and Hemorheological disorders during ischemic heart disease
  • Comparative significance of the principal factors responsible for microcirculatory disorders in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • Hemorheological, microvascular and hemodynamic disorders during coronary heart disease
  • Arteriolar Resistance and Hemorheological Disorders Related to Raynaud’s Phenomenon
  • Hemorheological disorders and arteriolar resistance during ischemic heart disease
  • Regional and systemic hemorheological disorders during feet diabetic gangrene
  • Hemorheological disorders during ischemic brain infarcts in patients with and without diabetes mellitus
  • Hemorheological disorders in patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus and foot gangrene
  • The Role of Various Stressors in the Trigger Mechanism of Raynaud’s Disease (Hemorheological and Vascular Reactions)
  • Study of erythrocyte deformability at hemorrhagic shock
  • Hemorheological, microvascular and hemodynamic disorders during coronary heart disease
  • Blood rheological status and Influence of grape seed extract in patients with parodontitis
  • Study of hemorheological parameters at hemorrhagic shock
  • Hemorhoelogical status during periodontitis and without thyroid dysfunction betwen children the age of 11-13
  • Assessment of a functional condition of resistive arteries at the person
  • Resistive arteries, normal function and pathological reactions
  • Blood rheological status in obstruction apnea
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Positive Effect of Bemiparin to Blood Flow

71M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze,
L. Davlianidze, T. Urdulashvili.



Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160, Gotua St., 14,;
Medical Centre “Medisoni”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0182, Kaloubani St., 12



Coagulation and hemorheology play a significant role in blood circulation and ensure its trophic function. According to a modern concept it is impossible to develop physiological process if coagulation and blood rheology systems are not within the normal range. In the development of all pat-physiological processes coagulation and hemorheology play compensatory role, which is directed to adequacy and improvement of the tropic function. To study bemiparin we made research in vivo and in vitro systems. And found that bemiparin has a positive effect not only on the coagulation, but also on the rheological properties of blood.

Keywords: Bemiparin, Erythrocyte, Rheology, Microcirculation

Hemorheological, microvascular and hemodynamic disorders during coronary heart disease

57Urdulashvili T., Momtselidze N.,
Mantskava M., Narsia N.,
Mchedlishvili G.


Department of Internal Medicine, State Medical University; Microcirculation Research    Center, I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Tbilisi,  Georgia.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the leading cause of cardiovascular mortality worldwide. Even more, it is projected that CAD mortality rates will double from 1990 to 2020, with approximately 82% of the increase attributable to the developing world [5]. Prevention and targeted control of risk factors for CAD could potentially reduce the impact of CAD in the developing world.

Parathyroid gland dysfunction and blood rheological changes in adolescents

56M. Mantskava, S. Beriashvili,
N. Momtselidze, S. Zenaishvili,
M. Nikolaishvili, T. Tupinashvili,
I. Vashakidze

Beritashvili Biomedical Experimental Center,
Georgian David the Builder University.

The thyroid gland disorders are the contributing factors to the development of periodontitis. Despite the lack of works, discussing the hemoreological and calcium, phosphorus homeostasis disorders, resulting in the destruction of the tooth hard tissue mineralization, their authors confirm the unity of the microcirculation disorders and thyroid dysfunction. Our data also confirm this statement. We believe that the imbalance, caused by parathormone, leads to microcirculation disturbances not only locally, but also to all organs and tissues.