About Society of Rheologyst, Our Mission and Strategy

General mission of NNLE iSociety of Rheologyst is to be at the forefront of the advancement of knowledge and information of rheology  in the 21st Century through ground-breaking research agendas that inform  generation of rheologyysts,  representivts of biomedicial, industry and business community about new tendensy and knowligment in fundament and applayd rheology.


Our mission is to be a leading  where our working is underpinned by the ground-breaking research  so each can enter the workforce with innovative skills and knowledge in their chosen fields. We unit diference specialists from areas, wich orients on funcament and technologycal rheological prorerties and laws. We  employ creative solutions to address complex problems facing clinical medicine, biomedicine and business and industry across the nation and international.


Through the nowest information technology systems,  we diseminaite  of our results and conclusion as science postulats quicky `in both research spice and  teaching systems. We connect  rheologyst from diference segment, scientificsts, researchers, students, represents from business to create a dynamic community designed to serve all stakeholders.


Research Focus

We work every day to be an innovator in research, teaching and learning in area of rheology. We bring together the latest technologies, research-informed knowledge and dynamic learning spaces to identify solutions to the complex global problems in fundamental rheology.

Teaching Focused

Our one part is High School with a strong emphasis on young and student education. Our classes are led by leading practitioners in their fields to provide with real-world skills and enable them to complete their phD degrees job ready and to find good job as rheologysts

Prepare Members

We are a leader, preparing future members of Society of rheologysts for careers within health, education and scientific fields that will serve the community in which we practice. We are focused on take reasearch skill readiness so all member of society will be able to become successful, competent and confident practitioners.

Community Service

Our mission is to develop community-oriented professional-rheoogysts  who have the social, emotional and cognitive skills to contribute to thriving of rheology as special direction of phyzics, chemistry, biomedicine, thecknology and  clinic practic.

A Global Perspective

Our mission is lead global debates in rheology area including research and  education. We do this through collaborating with international research and business partners, and creating learning environments that pursue knowledge from a global perspective and we present our material technical base for research for each person hwo has professional interest to rheology.

The Society of Rheologists is a non-profit organization, the charter of which identifies several main missions such as research, education, introduction of new approaches, international collaboration, support for the young. We are not profit oriented, we are focused on high quality research and polarization of rheology in Georgia and beyond.

In order to achieve the goals of the work, the work of the Society of Rheologists is divided into several areas. The Society of Rheologists includes the following laboratories and departments.


Parts of Society of Rheologysts:

Multidisciplinary Science High School
Laboratory of Experimental Rheology
Laboratory of Clinical Rheology
Department of Innovation and IT Technology
Department of Rheology Popularization
Department of International Cooperation
Department of Management, Finance and Strategy
Accelerator and Incubation of Ideas