Assessment of a functional condition of resistive arteries at the person

52G. Mchedlishvili, M. Mantskava,
T. Urdulashvili.


It is notable that the resistance arteries play the leading part in regulation of physiological parameters of the circulation system. It is proposed a new noninvasive method of appraisal of functional state of the human arm resistance arteries. The method is based on research of postischematic hyperemia arising as a result of standard stopping of local blood flow for one minute. The measurement of blood flow velocity in the radial artery of patients is performed by means of ultrasonic device which work is based on Doppler’s effect. For determination of functional state of the resistance arteries a new notion of resistance index is introduced. By this parameter the state of resistance arteries of human arm is investigated at different diseases (Raynaud’s phenomenon, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc.).

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