Multi-Component Science

Multi-component science. J.of Multidisciplinary High School (MHS) (4): 4, 66-69 ISSN 978-9941-485-14-5
Georgian language and the limited Latin term used in the term "patient-patient". Linguistic and psychological factors.
M. Mantskava1, B. Mosia2, L. Shengelia1, N. Momcelidze3
1) European University.
2) Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine.
3) Shota Meschia State Teaching University of Zugdidi.
Statue of a psychologist with a patient in the patient's room and a patient. Consequences are multivocal components. Author studied 1120 patient profiles based on a memorandum, a prerequisite by the name of the Universalist Ciolkovski. 20% of this patient has pneumonia. Implementation in those areas of importance and innovation, as soon as they cause a problem, assisting the patient to cope with the illness and, as a consequence, a serious patient.