The need to implement rheological measurements during pregnancy

Pregnant woman and childLomitashvili N., Mantskava M., Urdudashvili N., Urdulashvili T., Mchedlishvili T., Momtselidze N.

Preeclampsia, a complication of being a normal pregnancy is high rates of maternal and perinatal mortality. Research work aimed at studying the etiology of preeclampsia oand the introduction of hemorheological tests in applied medicine . This researche has a social and public importance from the standpoint of the theories and methods of different scientific disciplines. The aim of our study was to evaluate the blood rheology in gestosis mild form. According to our research the index of the deformability of red blood cells is the most sensitive, and therefore informative for the evaluation of blood rheology, in gestosis.

Key words: Preeclampsia, blood rheology, RBC deformability.


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