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Separate entries in other image


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At a clique on chosen as you images, you will pass to the corresponding record.



My works

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1. Click on corners of the magazine

[su_animate type=”rollIn”]

2. We address so: we click a mouse for the edge of the book and we wait. Then we clamp a mouse for the edge of the page and without releasing the button of a mouse we drag the page lifting it to the left or lowering in the different sides – we play about as we want. And so on until the end of the book. Then we leaf through the book in the opposite direction.
The book strongly tely therefore wait for effect of browsing of the last page.[/su_animate]

That's all.

Earnest request: not to rumple the book! Oh, as it is required to the author of works for a long time! (Test for sense of humour!) :)

Pleasant viewing!