Blood Hemorheology and Accompanying Surgical Intervention Emotional Stress

130M.M. Mantskava, N.G. Mоmtselidze

The emergence and spread of stress reactions to provide adequate circulation. This depends on hemorheological and coagulation mechanisms and phenomena. The article describes the qualitative and quantitative date abaut the change adaptation energy of the resource by changing blood rheology parameters during related operational intervention emotional stress. We measure the RBC aggregation (blood rheological status) in patients who are scheduled for surgery on the day primary treatment for vascular surgeon and the day before theinitial examination. RBC aggregation index (EAI) was evaluated with the recently developed “Georgian technique” providing us with direct and quantitative data. It was found thatthe therapeuticexamination(previous day)

andthe appointment ofthe operationbloodrheological status changes abruptly. In therapeutic examination EAI=34,0 ± 2,7; preoperative EAI=42,2 ± 4,5. Control for this age: EAI = 22,5±3,7. Therefore, the patient undergoes stress, is not only associated with the disease and the upcoming surgery, with anesthesia, but also with the emotional mood.



Key words: stress,bloodhemorheology, erythrocyte aggregation, bloodrheologystatus


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