Аggregation and adhesion of red blood cells, 13th International Conference on Pathology, June 26-27, 2017, San Diego, USA

Mantskava M.

Important for cell biology to study not only cell adhesion, but the aggregated cells. For example it is very important to study the aggregation of red blood cells. This is important from the viewpoint of biology research, and in terms of applied medicine. in the abstract, we describe a new improved method for the study of aggregation of cells, such as erythrocytes. Тhe index of erythrocytes aggregability, which represents aggregated erythrocytes area ratio against whole area of the erythrocytes. To this end we used the so-called “Georgian technique”. Erythrocyte aggregation was evaluated by using the “Georgian technique”. Blood samples were centrifuged and about 0.1 ml blood was diluted 1:200 in own plasma in the Thoma pipettes preliminary rinsed with 5% sodium citrate solution without addition of any other anticoagulants to the blood under study. Following standard mixing the diluted blood was placed into a glass chamber 0.1 mm high. The quantitative index of erythrocyte aggregation, which was assessed with a special program at the Texture Analysis System (TAS-plus, “Leitz, Germany), represented itself the relationship of the aggregated and unaggregated red cells.



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