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Biomechanics and kinesiology(ISBN 978-9941-503-02-3), 2022

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The book on biomechanics written by Professor Maka Mantskava, Professor Tamar Sanikidze, and Professor Nikoloz Gotsiridze. This book seems to offer a comprehensive exploration of biomechanics and kinesiology, covering various aspects related to cells, tissues, organs, and systems. The book is divided into two sections, Biomechanics I and Biomechanics II, and is designed for a course that spans 100 or more hours.

The authors have incorporated 180 illustrations to aid in understanding the concepts and functional relationships depicted by formulas. Additionally, the book includes laboratory work descriptions in an appendix, outlining their implementation sequence. Self-evaluation discussion questions are provided to help readers gauge their understanding of the material.

The book’s focus on combining theory and practical approaches, fostering multidisciplinary thinking, and catering to a wide range of medical education levels suggests that it serves as a valuable resource for medical students, researchers, and professionals in the medical and healthcare fields. The intention is to support both theoretical and practical learning, making it suitable for individuals with varying levels of interest and expertise in biomechanics.